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Towards The Youth

أسرة البلاغ

Towards The Youth
TOWARDS THE YOUTH Compilation Committee Al-Balagh Foundation


In the Name of Allah.






This pamphlet is designed by the Youth Forum in order to accompany youths in the most important part of their lives, so as to help them understand the reality of this stage and the expectations which surround them.

Adolescence or puberty means reaching the age of maturity, which is a stage needed by everybody for the growth of his personality and achieving the sole aims and great expectations of his life.

The Youth Forum regards the adolescent stage as a great responsibility and consignment and believes that whatever an adolescent possesses of feelings,  imagination, enjoyment for beauty, determination and other talents,  is a treasury bestowed on his choice by the Almighty Allah  so as to use it in the  way of good and happiness  not in the wrong way, which may lead him towards misery and wretchedness.

Towards the Youth is another gift from the Youth Forum which deals with topics of  youths and their concern. Hoping that it will be of benefit to the youth and adolescent, who are members of the forum wherever they are.

  New Changes


All of us are witnesses to the beautiful atmosphere of spring, which delight the spirit and gives pleasure to the mind. Everything in spring grows up from the beginning. Flowers grow up on the trees and occupy their compound with their good scent. Farms and gardens become green from the leaves of crops cultivated there. Birds become delighted from the good nature. Butterflies dance between the edges of flowers because of the good weather of spring, and likewise, the atmosphere is playing on the pure sky the way crow and other birds play.

This is spring, movement, revolution and birth.

Indeed, Almighty Allah wishes that the life of man be like the season of the year; starting from spring and shining on autumn. Man moves through the spring of his life, from birth to the stage of youth, and his autumn season is the stage of adolescence.

It is at this stage where man finds his new world, as an exploerer discovering a new land, thereby continuing his journey in order to spend the most important days of his life.

A little bird never knows anything except his nest, whose mother prepared for it, and eats from what the mother carries to it. But when it grows and its wings become strong enough, it starts training itself how to fly, soars over trees, as well as, chooses the seeds and fruits it likes.

And likewise the silkworm, where in the beginning  lives on the leaves of trees and moves slowly. Later on it confines itself in a cocoon and, then, turns into a very beautiful moth which attracts the eyes with its different colours and its shining wings. This is how its life begins till the time it becomes beneficial. Indeed, this is a new world and a new life. And of course, these changes are not meant to destroy the infancy stage and its sweetness, rather it is assigned to return life into order, because, it is a new invention of life naturally.

Buds come out from the earth so as to grow on its surface, grows and extends its branches, till it becomes a well grown tree with fruit and tall shadow.

And likewise, we are witnessing such new inventions in our body. Thus, the teeth break through the gums of a child so as to prepare him to eat hard food, and thereafter, the permanent teeth came out in order to replace the temporary ones.

Indeed, the new changes which occur in the adolescent stage is far more important than what occur to those buds and the coming out of a child’s teeth. Therefore, it is incumbent on us, at this age, to give much importance to these new changes so as to be able to benefit from such a condition. And no doubt benefiting from it, requires a sense of understanding, patience and endurance, as well as, the sense of responsibility.

It is sound understanding which connects us directly to a sound life and makes us understand its real contents.

It is the sense of responsibility that pushes us toward achieving our goals in life, so as to make everything at our disposal beneficial to us.

And we need patience and endurance, so as to continue on the hard path of achieving guidance and our goals.

And it is possible for every adolescent to feel the sense of enjoyment and bliss if he prepares for such a life journey, because the calamity of life is all around, especially at this stage.

How to Understand Matters

How to Look at Life in its Positive Sense


“My family was not friendly with me, and they didn’t give much attention to my needs.”

“I started to develop the sense of hatred for my school, and I cannot learn in it”.

“My school is not attractive to me, so, how I wish I wasn’t studying there”.

“This friend is not sacrificial, so he is not supporting me in all matters”.

These are some sayings of youths while discussing their family, as well as, non-family issues.

These are some of the sayings, which portray the views of this young generation concerning their environment.

An adolescent, like other human beings, looks into reality around him from his own point of view, but, sometimes, other’s views may pour some dust of doubt and uncertainty.

It is possible that some youths may have a wrong sense of view, thereby looking at things from a wrong direction or thinking that his relatives and associates are plotting against him. Indeed, this young fellow can never see life and the world as he wants to see it.

Nobody is able to say that everything in our surroundings are good, but it is a well known fact that they are not all bad. Rather, there are many things which are good and can attract man toward goodness. What is important, is for us to look at these things or at the  world in general.

Can I, as a young fellow, look at life as a source of bliss or as a source of misery and distress? Can I feel the sense of beautifulness so as to enjoy much, or I should feel the pain of life? Can I feel free, or I should feel the sense of anxiety and dilemma?

Answering these questions differs from one person to another….perhaps we can find a great number of youths that can say we are looking at life as a source of happiness and bliss, or we are not tasting anything except goodness and we are feeling nothing except enjoyment. We don’t know how unhappiness is, rather we are always living in certainty; nothing is disturbing us.

But the matter is the opposite. There are good and bad in our surroundings, as well as, beneficial and harmful things. There is what may cause enjoyment, as well as, what may cause pain. Giving birth to a baby in a family, is good and enjoyable and likewise, the death of a known person in the community is painful. Sound health is good and beneficial, and sickness is at least painful. A friend may be sacrifice for us, or defy us when we need his help. It is possible that I may find a weak or bad teacher or it is possible that one of parents may be harsh, and the other lenient and soft.

Indeed, we see all these in our surroundings everyday, but that doesn’t mean that whenever we face any difficulty or anything that touches our feelings, we should become wretched, because life is mixed with good and bad. What makes us to attain bliss, is the way we play our part in our day to day affairs.

Thus, it is either that I, as young fellow, remove the dust on the spectacle which I am using to view things with, or that I must change it with a new spectacle which corresponds with my new view and opinion.

However, what do these words mean?

Indeed, they mean that we should set down new principles of vision.

1- We should always look at a container as if it is half full…not that it is half empty. This wisdom can make us  see the goodness and beauty of something or a person, instead of concentrating on his evil and bad side. That is, if I wanted to become neutral and positive, first of all, I must not be negative; thus, some experts encourage that we should count someone’s goodness; not follow his weak side.

2- We should believe in the existence of a Director of the world; Who can never create evil, absolutely. Sometimes the Devil makes us feel challenged in front of his temptation and deceptions, but whenever we became victorious over him and achieve a high position in the sight of Allah, we feel happy and delight.

3- We should always look after beneficial things, and indeed we will get it after hard work and precautions. It is said that, whoever strives, gets what he strives for, and whoever plants, can harvest it.

It is possible that an abandoned thing may have a material or non-material benefit. We may use common things in order to create a beneficial tool, or we might be able to use our abandoned time in order to learn an important and beneficial thing. As in the sameway; we can listen to the saying of a child or a common man, and obtain wisdom from it.

It was reported that a blacksmith used to gather wasted minerals in one place, then after some time he would take it to a manufacturing plant for melting, so as to make a cast and sell it. After some time he became rich from this.

4- We should make it a belief that we were blessed with uncountable treasures, our only duty is to extract it to the surface.

In case we didn’t believe in these, we should read the history of the Prophets, pious servants of Allah, intellectual and other reformers, who possessed nothing from this world except treasures of knowledge. They got it from themselves, and they were able to invent and change many things, so that their names remain intact in history.

5- We must always be thinking of construction, not destruction.

If all of us think about construction; we desire to keep working and working till we complete it, but perhaps the following day we had to continue from where we stopped. It is from here that we will feel delight and happiness.

And indeed, this nature was given to us by Almighty Allah. He (man) wanted to see that he had invented  something for himself and others, so that his life would be meaningful and beneficial.

But the concept of destruction means we should destroy all the work we did, or what others had done. This is because we envy or are jealous of them. How can any one like this achieve bliss and happiness?

6- We should love ourselves without arrogance and exaggeration.

And we should love others without humiliation and debasement.

Loving ourselves means we want good for the self. It is in view of this that we are not taking the self to where it will be harmed, as well as, providing it with what will benefit it, like knowledge, culture, morals, good health, etc.

And likewise, our love toward others means that we wish them good and prosperity. If they make a mistake, we forgive them, but if they continue their evil acts against us, then we should defend ouselves. We should not envy them in their bad habits, because the love is still in our heart, and this love may protect us from the disease of hatred, envy and jeal-ousy.

7- We should always be optimistic, because optimism is the beginning of all good deeds and an important achievement.

Therefore, be optimistic toward good, you can obtain it.

We are optimistic because life gives us a great chance for action and success. Indeed, The Almighty Allah has bestowed on us uncountable blessings. He always guides us toward goodness and benefit.

8- Many times, bitter experiences change gradually, no matter what they are.

A rock, no matter how hard it is, can be cut by sparkling water, then it will turn into a hole, then with time it will turn into big hole. Indeed this is natural.

A seed, for example, if buried in  fertile soil, and water pours over it, with time it will become a fine grown trees. A proverb states that: “Every incoming is nearer”.

Another thing is that human beings can cope with any situation, no matter how diffi-cult it is. Man lives in the far east, where vapor becomes ice due to intense cold, as he also lives in a hot region. He lives on the top of a hill, and he lives in a hot sahara.

Therefore, what is the need for impat-ience, fear, anxiety and pessimism?

9- There is wisdom found in difficulties.

The memoirs of most leaders and well-known people contain various tragic stories took place on them, like the death of their dear ones, or great losses inflicted on their wealth and businesses, etc. But these difficulties made them successful in their lives. And the people, due to this respected them.

10- It is possible to correct mistakes and evil, and turn them into good and righteous deed. Indeed, we commit most of our mistak-es, due to lack of our inexperience and ignorance, or because we are careless and we don’t give it the  desired care. If we use our experiences and plans properly, surely our mistakes will be reduced.

And likewise, our evil actions,  are capable of being changed, if we regret and replace them with the good ones.

The Holy Qur'an states that:

“Surely good deeds take away evil deeds.”

Holy Qur’an:  (11:114)

That is, we should come with good works, so as to replace the bad ones, as well as, eradicate its roots. Because doing good is the best way of uprooting evil.

11- We are responsible for our selves and actions more than others are.

It may happen that others may help us in a specific action, or participate with us in our calamities, but in the end, everybody remains responsible for his own actions, and the achievement of success in his different endeavors, in his studies, or in choosing a suitable friend, or getting the respect of others, or success in his work.

A proverb says: “Cut your own nails with your own hand”.

12- To believe that success depends on action and patience.

A proverb says: “Actions speak louder than words”.

Indeed, no matter how our words become sweet, it will never produce anything unless we decorate it with action. Is one’s saying that I will pass my exams or I will get an excellent result, enough for him to pass his exams? Or are not studying and hard work a must in achieving this goal?

Indeed, success never comes because of hope and sayings, rather it is through hard work and patience.

13- To accept and be pleased with the result of our work and endeavors, no matter how little they are, will give us peace  of mind. We have spent our capability, and even if what we receive is little, we should continue on our path depending on the Almighty Allah till we achieve our goal and aims.

Indeed, such principles, make our look at the youth to be more positive and successful in life.


How toUtilize the Blessings of Life?


Most youths, male and female, ask them-selves, “Do I possess any wealth so as to be thinking of how to develop it and make use of it in my day to day activities?”

It is possible that someone may look at himself as poor, possessing nothing, because he can not achieve what he wants like elder people. Indeed, such kind of wrong conception makes many of the youths see the world dark, life as miserable and seek unconstitutional ways of living.

Once a young girl of eighteen years wrote to her diary, thus:

“I am not able to explain anything… I am about to lose my memory. Too much anxiety and thinking and I lost my self-confidence. Whenever I start anything I will develop fear about its outcome, thereby contemplating on whether I will be able to do it or not, I am always unhappy…whenever I look at my face in the mirror, I find it ugly, thus, I hate myself to the extent that I wish I had never been born.”

Another young boy also wrote:

“Whenever I looked in the mirror and saw a young fellow, I used to ask myself…can I love this creature who resembles me completely, if by the grace of Allah he came out from the mirror and lived with me?”

Sometimes, a young fellow may blame his family,  especially his parents, on the condi-tion he find himself in; just because nobody censured him more than them.

It was reported that, one day a young girl of fifteen years of age together with her mother visited a well-known doctor, who wrote many books on the childhood and adolescence stages. When they entered, she requested to see him in private, and he agreed.

The young girl started criticizing, as well as, blaming her parents that they were not giving her any opportunity and that they ridiculed her.

Then, the wise doctor went to her mother to hear her opinion concerning her daughters, he told him an opposite statement. Later the doctor conducted an inquiry into the matter, and found out that the girl feared failure and the unconcern shown to her by her fellow mate, and it was hard for her to blame herself for it. Thus, she thinks that the only solution to the matter is to attack her parents whenever the parents denied her wishes.

Indeed, we are in need of our parent’s care in particular and the elders guide in general, but we are not small children that we will depend absolutely on them.

The family is the starting point, as an explorer starts his journey from his starting point, or as a mountaineer starts his journey from his starting point on the top of a mountain.

The family is also a shelter and resort. We turn to it whenever we are in need of it, especially at the time of difficulties and tribulations.

Despite these realities and importance of the family, we ought to prepare ourselves at this stage, i.e., the adolescent stage. So, we can take some part of our life responsibilities, and became acquainted with them and be able to take the full responsibilities of ourselves, or rather the whole family or our community in the future.

However, from the beginning, we ought to ask, did life bestow on us wealth and capability, so as to utilize it in our life? What power and abilities did the Almighty Allah bless us with, so as to make it a capital in this life and utilize it so as to help ourselves in our whole life? Thus, it is incumbent on us to count what we possess of power and wealth.


First: Intellect (Aql):

This is the best and most important treasure bestowed on us, and which differentiates us, as we human beings, from other creatures. This is the container which contains knowledge, thought and experience. It is the guide, which guides and shows us the right path. It is the intellect that differentiates truth from false, and good from bad, and it is the supervisor of all our undertakings so as to protect us from going astray.

But, can the intellect become a treasure for someone who abandoned it, not knowing its value?

Wise people state that, the intellect is an assistant and adviser; because the advices and guidance of an assistant works or benefits when a ruler or administrator acts upon the advices. But, can we act with its advices and guidance in our personal affairs? This is where the problem starts.


Secondly: Will (Iradah):

Sometimes we call it choice…we are all free to choose whether to do a certain action or not. It is this will that made man more free to choose what he wants than other creatures, or to live what he is in need of, like sleeping, resting, eating and drinking, for a goal more valuable than it.

Most noble men decrease their resting and sleeping time, thereby turning their time to studying and scientific researches, thus, they were able to gain what they gained and their names became famous.

The believers refrain from eating and drinking in the month of Ramadhan, so as to worship their Lord, learn patience and feel equal to the poor people. However, if patience becomes their habit, then it is easy for them to endure other difficulties in life.

Indeed, will, patience and endurance, are the ways of achieving success in all man’s activities and endeavors.


Thirdly: Sentiments and Feelings:

It is agreed upon that the sentiment of the youth is more stronger, especially in young girls because they are mothers of tomorrow. And we can witness this in their inclination toward crying or their too much love for their friends and teachers.

This sentiment is regarded as a treasure for man, he uses it to interact with other things in his surroundings, thus, he loves and hates, he pleases and becomes angry, he hopes for something or repels something.

And sentiments also connect man with others, it increases his life between his friends and relatives, as well as, protects him against calamities.

And likewise feelings, that develop in an adolescent

Therefore, sentiments and feelings are an important treasure if man can utilize it properly in his life.


Fourth: Imagination:

It is not as others portray it which drags youths away from reality, or make him swim in the other world, at last it condenses his ability and power. No doubt, imagination is something good and beneficial which deserves care, and it has a great role in man’s life.

It may be possible that a man may run with his imagination from a bitter reality, but man always turns toward imagination and nightmare, thereby creating hope in his imaginations, because he wanted  to be an idealist, as well as, become fruitful without defect. His feelings are like the feelings of discoverer or a traveler who imagines a land in his imagination, even before he moves toward its discovery.

This type of imagination is beneficial to this discoverer or traveler because it has connection with the world of reality.

Imagination is a real treasure for us if we are able to connect it with our life through different channels, we should not allow imagination to overcome reality. Thereby leaving us in the field of swimming between hopes and desire. And likewise, we should not allow reality to overpower our imagination, so as to prevent our ambition and aspiration from being imprisoned. We should leave hope and desire for imagination and put reality as a source which will take us toward those hopes and desires.


Fifth: Good Health, a treasure which can never  be bought  with money:

It was reported in a prophetic hadith that five things must be utilized before the occurre-nce of another five things: youth before old age, free time before it becomes occupied, strength before weakness, good health before sickness.

It is sufficient to think a little on the importance of this treasure. What can we do if we lost it unexpectedly.

Most sick people wish that they will regain their health, so as to continue their natural day to day activities.

Indeed, sound health is a treasure which is incumbent upon us to protect and feed it with pure and good food, as well as good training and bodily exercises. We must also give much importance to the other side of health, i.e., to purify ourselves from bad morals, as we must keep our physical being clean.

With all these treasures and others, can I, as a young fellow, regard myself poor and deprived? Most especially these treasures were not confined only to these blessings with I shared with others. It is possible that each and every one of us may have his own blessing which is confined only to him alone. Thus, it is incumbent upon him to use it accordingly for the purpose of developing himself and his community, the way a bussiness man utilizes his capital, so as to gain profits and add it to the capital.

Instead of all these, there are other abilities which we can add to our life, thereby enriching us with changes and make us capable of producing an important work which may direct us toward our goals. These kinds of capabilities may provide new changes in our life, especially at the age of adolescence, which we can never imagine its occurrence in our life.  It includes:


Origination: Man acquires suitability, power and preparation through good concent-ration of his intellectual power, will, imagina-tion, experience, and knowledge.

Origination is regarded as a secret of success in life, and its possessor can be able to discover new ways of changing his surroundings and escaping from undesired ways.

If we want to study this kind of suitability in our life, we must put different devices in front of ourselves, which we can follow the process of origination with. These are:

-                        Strengthening imagination and feelings.

-                        Directing feelings towards the good goals.

-                        Developing  thought, culture and knowledge.

-                        Making life easy and not too much engaged in its afflictions and distress.

-                        Discovering systems and order in things which at first glance we may think that they are not in order.

-                        To present new inventions one after another every day.

-                        To love others, and ourselves on the condition that our strong love should be much more toward the Creator.

-                        To accompany creative friends.

-                        To read and be acquainted with books, or stories and or poems that may pull us toward thinking and invention, and  not towards blind imitations.


Faith and Belief: We can acquire power and capability through authentic belief in the Creator of the world and its Administrator. And, likewise, through witnessing His beauty and perfection in all creatures, and feeling His blessings which expand to all things. And also through His worship, which bestows on the self essential, spiritual power that can make man more powerful and stable at  times of difficulties.

Indeed, faith or belief is a treasure which a young fellow will gain more easily than others, because his tender self opens itself to different life horizons, whether  material or spiritual.


Higher Determination: Indeed, huge amounts of wealth and power stimulate and push man toward his goal, as well as, taking despair and hopelessness out of him.

A prophetic hadith states that man flies with determination, as the way a bird flies with its wings. Man is in need of higher determina-tion in his way toward guidance and growth; the way which will underline his goals in life.

We can only achieve this great treasure through these principles:

-                        We should bear in mind that we are human beings and we are capable of achieving perfection the way we want.

- We should tie our wagon to the stars, as the saying goes: No matter what we arrange for our greatness, we must strive hard to reach it.

- We should not engage ourselves with unnecessary things.

- We should behave well toward others, personal benefits should not become our goal.

- We should be inventors in any field, even in choosing our goals and the ways of achieving them.

- We should give more importance to hidden beauty, the way we give to physical beauty.

- We should select friends having higher determination.

What we had mentioned in this chapter is among the most important blessing which we, the youths,  possess, or we are able to possess through our individual or collective powers and capabilities. You ought to bear in mind that life and its Creator are capable of bestowing on us with other blessings, if we continue the process of discovery and research. Allah says:

“And if you count Allah’s favours, you will not be able to number them.”

Holy Qur’an (14: 34)


How to Shun Worldly Evils?


Man possesses goals and messages, but what is his message in this world?

Man was created in order to seek good, happiness and perfection in life, and to shun evil and what calls him toward evil. Thus, life, is comprised of good and evil. It is up to man to choose what comprises good and shun what is evil.

Do you think if an unknown person offers food or sweets to us, we can eat it directly, or will we wait a little till we are sure it is not polluted with any harmful substance?

Indeed, we choose cleanliness and purity in every thing, so as to protect ourselves from any harmful thing. Therefore, we ought to follow the same principle concerning bad morals and evil, selfish interests which pollute our morals.

And when man is inflicted with any disease, he rushes quickly to the hospital for treatment, but unfortunately, sometimes he will be inflicted with spiritual disease and will not take himself to a doctor,  because he is not feeling it physically.

All human beings possess spiritual and intellectual tools, in addition to bodily tools, but the most dangerous evil of life is the one that destroys our spiritual tools or our moral program.

The moral program establishes the essence of man and his spirit, thus, if man loses this program nothing is left for him except the shell which can never benefit him in this world except living like plants and animals.

It is good qualities which feed man’s heart and spirit with things that will make him happy and perfect, as well as, a source of goodness for himself and his community. There is another reality, and that is that man, in this life, falls between the pole or axis of good and evil, whenever he comes closer to the pole of goodness, he distances himself, with the same proportion from evil.

For example, if one of us is sacrificial to his friend, and that friend happens to be in a problem, naturally we will never abandon him, rather we will come to his aid. No doubt, this is our nature of loving friends and our surroundings.

The same way, if we are obedient to our parents…this shows that we don’t want to offend them, due to their love and care toward us. And above all these, is our love toward the source of all good, i.e., the Almighty Allah.

Some people portray to us that good means refraining from all worldly pleasures and enjoyments, but the reality is that good is the utilization of all the blessings and power bestowed on us. It is the use of all the worldly pleasures in a good and suitable manner. Indeed, Who created these pleasures and beautifies it with this beauty, wants us to make use of it. He only wants us to use it in the best way.

Therefore, evil is to use these blessings in a bad manner, forgetting the purpose of their creation. But the question here is that, why is it that sometimes we tend to choose evil, or we give it a way to penetrate into our youthful community?!

It is not proper to answer this question without asking another question, so as to make it clear.

First of all, are we ready to belittle our being and ourselves? If we are, then it is easy for evil to penetrate us.

Nobody will believe that a leader or a king or a renowned film actor will lean down to take something valueless from the ground. It is possible that the thing is precious to others, but the position of king or an actor may prevent him from inclining toward it, because it doesn’t comply with his position to do so. Therefore, it doesn’t correspond with our position as human beings to open ourselves to bad morals, or jealousy and or oppressing others, or telling lies, stealing and other evil acts.


Are we among those that underrate our enemies?

We are not expected to do that with our enemies, the enemies of our body, like microbes and viruses. Can we do the same with other microbes and viruses, i.e., the morals viruses?

There is a nice story reported from the companions of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) when they were together with him in a barren land, and the weather was cold. The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) asked them gather some pieces of firewood to make a fire with so as to warm themselves?

They all said: “There is no plant or tree in this dry soil, where we can get firewood.”

Then, he (s.a.w.) said: “Everyone should bring what he is capable of gathering.”

They all went away in search of the little they could find of dried plants, then they came with them to the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.). They were able to gather a huge amount of fire-wood.

Then, the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) said to them: “This is how small evil actions are gathered, the way this firewood is gathered. Then, he said, “I warn you against degrading yourselves with small evil actions.”



Are we among those who are only looking at what is directly in front of themselves, ignoring its outcome?

It is possible for a horse that is tied to a grinder or mill, as it was the practice in the olden days or in some parts of the world today, to be pleased with his work, whereby he moves thousands of miles in one place. Perhaps he will be happy, because he is just looking at his feet, but those who are looking at him from a distant place or outside the grinder will pity his condition.



Are we among those who confine their endeavors between themselves only?

If this is the case, then, we are like the frog which lives in a well and thinks that the world is only the edges of that well.


Are we among those that move on their way without taking the time to look at the self?

This is the case of a traveler that chooses to move on the wrong path without taking care to look at the signs by the side of the road, and without asking anybody. No doubt he will never arrive at his destination when he continues this way, even if he increases his speed.



Are we among those that suspend doing good actions for another time?

For example, we might say there is enough time to do such and such a good action, that it is too early for a responsibility to fall on us and other sayings like these.

This means we want to leave the valve of evil open, without opening the valve of good-ness. Then, in no time we will find that our account is full of evil acts. This is because we have ignored the valve of goodness, without giving it the chance of filling our hearts and making our lives better.



Are we befriending bad and evil people?

Are we ready to establish a personal friend-ship with them?

Thus, we will strengthen the pole of evil in our selves, thereby falling into the field of gravity and attraction. Because coming closer to the pole of evil and accepting it, will no doubt take us away from the pole of good.


Are we utilizing our intellect and morals program so as to continue?

If we allow the viruses of evil to enter into our programs, then are we looking at a secret way of removing them, the same way we purge viruses from our personal computers at home and at other places?

There are many questions on the same topic, so as to know the ways evil enters our life. For example, we may ask, are we among those that give more importance to physical beauty and clothes? Or rather do we give more importance to spiritual beauty and morals, as well as, the beauty of intellect and thought?



And also, can we differentiate between good and evil?

 It is possible that we cannot discover evil simply, rather it will come to us as an attractive feature, containing poison and honey at the same time.

It will become more dangerous when it clothes itself with the cloth of good.

However, the best way of knowing evil, or the reality of the actions, which we call them evil and bad morals, is that we should think over its end and outcome. Some of these outcomes include deviation, spiritual contempt, drug addiction, crime, imprison-ment, etc.

And good is to accompany good features into our life, as well as, the life of others. And this means that we should enjoy the blessing of life, its beauty and enjoyments with peace of mind and perfection. No doubt we can never get these from evil acts, rather it will portray that he is able to provide us with it, but in the real sense, it is the opposite.

Is it good for someone to give much importance to himself without taking care and giving much importance to others? And is it good for someone to play with food while others are dying from hunger?

All these kinds of questions may stimulate us to think over the kind of life we are suppose to choose, so as not to repeat the same mistakes others comitted in their life, and, also, to benefit from the chances at our disposal in order to achieve our goals.

Last Word


At the end of this booklet “Towards The Youth” we call on out honorable and dear readers of “Youth Forum”, to register their opinions and suggestions concerning this booklet.

We are happy to receive such suggestions, as well as, any opinion and views which will help the youth in their day to day life.

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